Use Of Deadly Force Instructor

Tuition $1000.00

Course content is geared toward firearms instructors, (both law enforcement and civilian), expert witnesses, defense attorneys and persons interested in gaining the most extensive background possible in this ever-changing legal area. Subject matter covered includes: Statutory and case law regarding use of deadly force; preparation to become and expert witness; defending your students or members of your deparment in wrongful prosecutions; civil trial defense stategies against "excessive use of force" litigation; testifying in court; documenting you and your department's training; moot court participation in a deadly force case. If you are currently teaching the parameters o fuse of deadly force, this course was designed specifically for you. Prerequisites: At least 60 hours of advanced level firearms training, along with a firm grounding in use of deadly force. This is not an entry-level course, but neither is it restricted to LFI grads only. 6 days.

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